Goods that you commission us to carry, has a special importance for us. We take care of it as it was our own. Prepared for its carriage we have the latest, meeting the strictest standards of EURO tractors and curtain semi-trailers.

We have trailers of the cargo area to 3.00 m high (MEGA). All our trailers have raised roofs, for the loading and unloading. Additionally they are equipped with special lifting system, which allow to lift to the full ramp heights and an extra pair of legs to prevent deflection during entry into the trailer loaded stacker.

For customers that require the exchange euro pallets we also have a special offer. Much of our vehicles is equipped with pallet racks and pallet exchange is controlled by our truck department. To ensure maximum safety, we have a wide extensive tracking system that monitors your cargo 24 hours a day. At any time during transport and after its completion we are able to determine where it is or where your cargo was, which way move our vehicle and many others. For purposes of transport companies we have created a transport of truck tractors, both able-bodied and damaged. Self loading and self unloading system allows us to efficiently transport these vehicles to their destination.


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